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New counterintuitive libertarian views to go with anti-immigration views.

Anti-immigration libertarianism is based on the idea that we can't have immigration as long as there is a welfare state. Immigrants consume public services in a way that the free market would not allow and are therefore thieves. What we need then is a suitable substitute to either prevent or punish this theft. All consistent with libertarianism.
By that same token, let me introduce you to moar counterintuitive libertarian views.
  1. Euthanize or deport everyone who gets to social security retirement age. This is the only thing to prevent old ass thieves from stealing your money. Thieving old people are the main problem in society after Mexicans. Not every old person is a criminal, just like not every Mexican is on welfare or currently raping you, but the possibility is there and therefore it must be dealt with harshly and evenly. I love old people as much as the next person, and I'd be super duper sad to see Dr. Hoppe and Dr. Paul get the death penalty or deported to Mexico, but that is just how it has to be. For God and property.
  2. Death penalty for people who sell or consume unhealthy foods, beverages, or drugs. Or who refuse to do minimal amounts of physical exercise per day. As long as medicare and other public health care programs exist, we can't allow the sale of junk food or drugs whose only purpose is to make you unhealthy. These things cause the cost of health care to go up and so cost the taxpayers moar of their hard earned money. There is also the possibility that they go on disability which steals even more money. If we let you eat one donut when does it stop?!? Besides this, we are unable to discriminate against fat people like we should and that means forced association. In libertopia we might allow those things, if the invisible hand be willing, but not now for crying out loud. For instance, there would never be anyone as fat as Walter Block or David D. Friedman allowed in anarcho-capitalism. The glorious market would force them to peak productivity and physical fitness. They wouldn't be so Jewish, either, because the non-Aryan races would die out in a matter of weeks if the invisible hand were allowed to reign.
  3. Death penalty for all parents. Sorry, but we can't have children as long as the government steals your money to give it to children who go to public schools. They are getting something for nothing and that is NOT okay. No discrimination also means brown people and poors get to go to school when they should be working in coal mines or shining shoes. Either the children will have to be deported or aborted. Until we have home schools and private schools for the right/white kids and house arrest and private prisons for the scum. Most of your kids are going to grow up to be people who aren't ancaps. And that increases STATISM. Which is just what The Regime wants! On top of this, children also mean positive rights like being fed and sheltered. And everyone knows positive rights can't possibly be real. (It must be the children who are wrong). Therefore they can really never exist at all even ideally.
  4. Death to those who drive cars or use public roads. Not only does the government allow people to drive all the way up to your property (like immigrants) without being able to shoot them, people do not even pay tolls everywhere so they are getting a literal free ride. And where is the right to discriminate against blah people?!? Wtf?!? In libertopia we will only use flying cars or hoverboards because reasons, so the damage caused by regular cars is stealing money from your pocket.
  5. Death to free speech. As the immortal Lew Rockwell reminds us, the fallacious ideology of free speech is based on an absolute that cannot exist naturally and is actually relative to property. People who say things that hurt my feelings only get away with it because no one can evict them immediately or discriminate against them properly to shun them out of existence. All public buildings and areas need speech codes to resemble what might exist on private property if someone sensible like me owned it. And I hate people who talk about stuff I hate. You may only talk about Rothbard or Mises or Trump like we do on libertarian subreddits (and therefore would in IRL libertopia), but never to make fun. Views against social conservatism then, which I have decided is what everyone would hold in a state of nature, should then require physical removal or death by stoning.
  6. Death to people who use electricity. Now I love electricity as much as anyone, but right now the government subsidizes energy sources like nuclear power and oil. Meaning losers and poor people get it cheaper than it should be. Lots of technology that drives social justice warriors like computers is also subsidized. Therefore big government is behind it all! On top of this, I don't know if there are enough rights to discriminate against brown people who want their homes powered. And you heard what Dr. Ron Paul said about our global empire to maintain cheap oil. All this means electricity is literally theft. This includes bitcoin which is a huge waste of electricity. What were you thinking?
These are just some ideas for liberty-lovers to enjoy. Have a great day following libertarian principles.
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